Figtree Food Company Olive Tapenade

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Australia’s original olive tapenade

Figtree Food Company brings you the original and the best olive tapenade in Australia. Richard Lawson’s signature Fig and Olive Tapenade, together with our traditional Garlic and Olive Tapenade recipes have remained true for over a quarter of a century.

2017_FFS_Silver_CMYKThe Figtree Food Company journey began in the 1990’s, when Richard Lawson escaped from the city and emerged in the Central West – where he planted one of the first certified organic olive farms in Mudgee. Figtree Food Company now has stockists all over NSW, bringing you Olives, Tapenades, Jams, Granola, Dukkah, and Organic Raw Chocolate. produced in Mudgee & Mystery Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

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We are about much more than simply making good food. Our life dream is to share our passion for growing food and sharing it a reality for everyone.
We are about much more than simply making good food. Our life dream is to share our passion for growing food and sharing it a reality for everyone.

Our simple philosophy…..

To maintain our great tasting products, we follow a simple philosophy –  grow with care and treat the land and ingredients with respect.

At Figtree Food Company, our food is grown with permaculture principles. We grow without chemicals. We harvest by hand. We sew and collect heirloom seed, just the way that Tuscan peasants have done through countless centuries.  What we can’t grow we source from the best organic produce available.

We blend our products by hand using our own original recipes. Our signature Fig & Olive and Garlic & Olive Tapenades are unique Australian tastes, derived from traditional Mediterranean recipes developed over centuries. Our products are great pantry favourites, and popular amongst home chefs as well as those looking for a special gift for foodie friends and loved ones.

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Stock up

To refill your pantry with our tapenades, Dukkah rubs, granola or raw chocolate (available in cooler weather only), purchase direct from Richard and Liz at regional farmers markets, order online from our website,  or call in to see one of our regional stockists.

We also supply a select range of kitchens, so let us know your needs with restaurant and catering can also grab tickets to our seasonal cooking and permaculture workshops at our online store.

imageWho are Richard and Liz? What is their story?

Those who see first hand the amount of work involved in creating the Figtree brand are often so astounded that they ask us why we do it.   Our reason has its heart in our story.

We believe passionately in story.  Story is what keeps us alive, helps differentiate humanity from the species around us, who depend on us to share our deepest stories about their lives so that their existence might be defended, protected, and remain for all eternity.   Story is a powerful messenger about dreamtimes and long forgotten histories, about loving our friends and our planet back into life, about remembering traditional ways and beliefs that served a purpose before mankind began to live around machines. Before food began its over cultivated descent into the most manufacturable, profitable commodity.

13344494_1054903887912964_8915785572281826647_nSo stop! Ask yourself what you were put on this earth to do.  Are you living your life, or just following the preordained steps someone told you to take?

What is your story? We would love to hear all about you! Here is a glimpse of our story:

Richard’s Story –reformed punk rock drummer turned Renaissance farmer

Liz’s STory – musician writer philosopher hopeful humanitarian
Somehow these two got together and decided to make it their life’s mission to lead the bohemian lifestyle they were born to lead and inspire others to do the same. In a world where every choice we make is one that potentially leads our planet further towards destruction or alternatively shines a light on salvation, these two individuals share a hope that life is not a commodity, but that our lives matter. Growing food and flowers matters.  Creating sustainable human practices matters   Valuing landscapes and species diversity matters. Treading lightly upon the land matters – not using chemicals, growing from heirloom seed – it all matters.  Buying from small scale producers rather than the mass manufactured machines of the corporation matters.  Being happy and having a sense of freedom, connection and belonging matters. Not just for us, but for all of us.  Our hope is that we will inspire you to move into the countryside if that’s what inspires you, leave your stressful jobs if that’s an issue for you, to choose a more simple way of life if that’s your thing, and enjoy every moment life offers to you. For every moment is a gift, and this world is waiting for you. In the words of Lis Bastian, the autopoietic shift to a new world order has begun, a shift to a world that sustains itself. And you can be just as much a part of it as everyone else.

sparkling wine tour of Mudgee with TapasIf we can distill our philosophy into flavourful, sustainable, nutritious food, and if we can infuse you with a sense of hope and sun shining in your world, then we have achieved our mission. If you taste our tomatoes and are inspired to grow your own seeds, if you come to one of our workshops and go home inspired to grow food for your own family, then we have got to where we want to be. And we thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey too.

Figtree Food Company's Broad bean planting and kitchen garden workshopAnd we ask your forgiveness. No matter how hard we try, we still need improvement.  We discover hidden plastics in the supply chain, we learn that a compromise was made.  Or we simply have a bad day – the point is that we have chosen to move in the direction of being more fully engaged in understanding the food industry and what is possible for us to achieve, and which challenges must stay with us to be resolved another day.  Forgiveness and acceptance is part of our role.

Figtree Food Company's seasonal Food Forager's Festiva Maybe you want to try our food, maybe you want to come to an event we are running. Whoever you are  and wherever you are on your journey, we would love to hear from you. As we share more and more stories about farmers, regional producers, people living alternative lifestyles and more, we would love you to stay in touch and share your stories with us.  Connect with us on social media or by email or just say hi at the markets – but stay in touch and tell us what’s happening in your world  – we are always interested in hearing new and inspiring stories.

Stay with us

Stay with us at Mystery Bay or at Mudgee. Click straight through to our Treehouse page to learn more about Figtree at Mystery Bay, or our Miller’s Cottage page to hear about our urban farmstays right in the heart of Mudgee!


Here’s what our fans say…..

‘These Dukkahs are an absolute taste sensastion… the best I have tried and I have tried a lot’Lynn Walter, Restauranter and Wine Maker, Walter Wines Mudgee

‘World’s best Granola’Bill Par Bills Beans Specialty Coffee Roasters

The flavour -love love love love love, your food is simply divine’ Kim Martin, Belle Property Leura

‘This place is a little gem’ – Simon Marnie, ABC Radio

‘Hello FT. I am blown away by your Dukkah Rubs and tapenades. Truly, absolutely tantalising mixes. My favs so far: fig and olive tapenade and the coconut blossom sugar chai cashew rub, but all I have tried have been utterly addictive and I am looking forward to trying the full range. Seriously, highly recommended’Kaye Bushnell

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