Figtree Food Company Olive Tapenade

Australia’s original olive tapenade

Figtree Food Company brings you the original and the best olive tapenade in Australia. Richard Lawson’s signature Fig and Olive Tapenade, together with our traditional Garlic and Olive Tapenade recipes have remained the same for over a quarter of a century.

The Figtree Food Company journey began in the 1990’s, when Richard Lawson planted one of the first certified organic olive farms in Mudgee. From humble beginnings, Figtree Food Company now has stockists all over NSW, bringing you Olives, Tapenades, Jams, Granola and Dukkah, produced in Mudgee & Mystery Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

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Our simple philosophy…..

To maintain our great tasting products, we follow a simple philosophy –  grow with care and treat the land and ingredients with respect.

At Figtree Food Company, our food is grown with permaculture principles. We grow without chemicals. We harvest by hand. We sew and collect heirloom seed, just the way that Tuscan peasants have done through countless centuries.  What we can’t grow we source from the best organic produce available.

We blend our products by hand using our own original recipes. Our signature Fig & Olive and Garlic & Olive Tapenades are unique Australian tastes, derived from traditional Mediterranean recipes developed over centuries. Our products are great pantry favourites, and popular amongst home chefs as well as those looking for a special gift for foodie friends and loved ones.

Stock up…..

To refill your pantry, purchase direct from Richard and Liz at regional farmers markets, order online from our website,  or call in to see one of our regional stockists.

We also supply a select range of kitchens, so let us know your needs with restaurant and catering quantities.

Stay with us

Latest news – you can now stay with us at Mystery Bay or at Mudgee! Click straight through to our Treehouse page to learn more about Figtree at Mystery Bay, or our Miller’s Cottagepage to hear about our urban farmstays right in the heart of Mudgee!.

Here’s what our fans say…..

‘These Dukkahs are an absolute taste sensastion… the best I have tried and I have tried a lot’Lynn Walter, Walter Wines Mudgee

‘World’s best Granola’Bill Par Bills Beans Specialty Coffee Roasters

‘Hello FT. I am blown away by your Dukkah Rubs and tapenades. Truly, absolutely tantalising mixes. My favs so far: fig and olive tapenade and the coconut blossom sugar chai cashew rub, but all I have tried have been utterly addictive and I am looking forward to trying the full range. Seriously, highly recommended’Kaye Bushnell

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